NEW* “Sachkundenachweis” in english & preparation package also in english

Hey, if you need the “Sachkundenachweis” but you could only speak english instead of german, we can help you.

You could do the test in english and our guide will help you with a fully support in english!

You get the preparation package also in english. Now you could learn by yourself at home an do the test online in english.

Other language are not supportet and its not planned. Please do not contact us if you want to do it in another language, we only support english and german.

  • choose a timeslot for your appointment “online Sachkundetest xx:xx”

  • please also choose “Sachkundetest in english”, so we will know that you want to do the test in english

  • If you need the preparation package in english, please klick on “Extra: Vorbereitungspaket” 5,-€. It comes with an extra Email.