english-preparation package for Dog Competence Certificate NRW 2024


We recommend our preparation package, even if you have always had dogs.

On the internet, you will find numerous options for practice questions. However, these vary significantly and are sometimes outdated. Many of the questions still offered are over 20 years old. There are also significant differences in the questionnaires of the veterinary chambers. There are several questions that are answered completely oppositely by the two veterinary chambers in NRW.

In our preparation package, you will find all current questions from 2023. These are also valid in 2024. From this package, we provide you with 30 questions for the test.

This is the best way to prepare for the test and pass it confidently.

Information about the Preparation Package

Here, you get all the questions, including answers, for practice at home.
You will receive the preparation package directly after payment, sent via email.

  • Optimal for preparing for the expertise test for dog owners in NRW

  • Optimal for preparing for the expertise test for the BH exam of VDE e.V. throughout Germany

  • Optimal for preparing for the expertise test for dangerous dogs at the Veterinary Office in NRW

Contents of the Preparation Package

  • Introduction with explanations about the test

  • Questionnaires with all questions

  • Answer sheets for all questions

  • Universal printable template

  • Complete printable template

  • Package price only €6</list_item]
  • The 2022/23 package is also valid for 2024!

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